End of an error

or let’s just call it the warm-ups, the first 40 years are a bit of a limbering up for life, no? Getting less limber? I do prefer to bark at the children when the remote is out of reach now. I have considered driving the garbage can to the end of the driveway… as it’s sort of an awkward thing to hold. Oh, sure it’s got the handles but you usually want to hold it away from your body as not to muss your “dress jeans” that you pretend are business casual pants… and that requires a bit more upper body strength than I possess depending on how much cat litter is in our trash.

Yes, since when did we become cat people? Isaac is a huge animal person and when a coworker had kittens to give away, I somewhat whimsically signed up for two. They will be going to college with him, or military school if Isaac keeps getting into trouble in school. I guess he hid from his teacher the other day prompting our first call home from a teacher. He claimed he was just “being goofy” — a defense which resonated with yours truly — but he has since penned letters of apology and seems to be reformed. Syd is turning a bit of a corner at long last on the piano, playing different things with each hand and actually being interested and proud of herself for doing so. This only took 16 months of dragging her to the piano to practice for a mere 10 minutes or so most nights, with an amazing amount of screaming and defiance… on my part. No, on both our parts. And we’ll see how long this lasts, but hopefully we’re over a bit of a hurdle. Which leaves us to try to start Isaac on piano next Fall. Maybe he’ll surprise us.

What’s that? Oh, thanks for asking: the Drama Queens album is coming along… aiming to have it downloadable at some point before our little release party at the Lily Pad in Cambridge on Jan. 23rd. We’re playing with a coworker of mine who also has an album finished around then, so it should be a great double bill, starting at 7pm. If we’re connected on FB I’ll be mercilessly promoting it there. So having recorded a triple platinum album (not triple platinum in my lifetime, but you know, when it’s uncovered by an alien race mining cultural media two eons from now), I can now turn to writing the great American novel. I have a lot of premises in the starting blocks… the hard part is choosing which one to run with. Here are the top ones:

  • Joe McLowsky is a tomato seller in Bismarck, turn of the last century. He invents red clam sauce and also falls in love with a skunk. It’s a story about the stench of success that ends up repelling everyone he loves.

You don’t like that one? The door? Already? Well hold on, how about this one:

  • Zack Turnstile barely notices life as it passes him by — he’s a pioneer in Second Life, managing an online game in Second Life called Third Life, and one in Third Life called Fourth Life, and so on. He-

No? Ok, the last one is a winner here:

  • Rindy Pulpovich is… Space Orange!! It’s an orange in a spacesuit, hurtling through space, foiling the evil plots of Landy Go-Go, the galaxy’s pop princess.

Ok, the last idea is Sydney’s — she drew a picture of a space orange with floppy, empty spacesuit legs (because oranges don’t have legs). We instantly decided this will be the star of a TV show we produce this winter. Stay tuned for that… it has more legs, floppy as they are, than my novel ideas.

So age 40. The maturity might hit me like a lightning bolt overnight. If so, it’s been fun… this E-email that’s been churning out inanity since the early ’90s… since the very invention of the internet. We lived through that, remember?! Got in on the ground floor on that one… my AltaVista stock is worthless. Was that a search engine? I might be turning in the blackberry for a real smartphone this week… maybe an iPhone even. WordPress just auto-corrected my spelling of iPhone — which is what I was waiting for, for the technology to be perfected and enshrined in our dictionary. I’ll only do that if they can deactivate Sirie though. “Sirie, please deactivate yourself…” “I can’t do that, Eric…” This should go well.

Happy holidays, all. Till next time,



About ericf73

A modern-day combination of Noah, Godot and Clark W. Griswold.
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One Response to End of an error

  1. Clay Stites says:

    Great piece, Eric! I thoroughly enjoy your music and humor and am delighted to have been a small part of your early life! Clay

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