39ing it

Yep, I’m not sure 39ing it is a verb, but I’m trying to make it one. Defining that as trying to do as much as possible in the first half of your life so that it’s not pathetic when you finally do it in your second half. Things like: going on a business trip, ordering a whisky at a bar, being taken seriously at work… these are all goals I’m really zeroing in on now.No, you can check those first two items off the list at least. ‘Bout to go on my third trip for work in two months or so and second trip to Los Angeles, where we’re trying to help City officials implement their transit-oriented development plan. HAAA!! That was my first reaction, followed by, “Have you seen Swingers?” Thus hindering the third goal above, being taken seriously by coworkers. But they still let me go. Yep, swanky downtown hotels, good food right out of the lunch trucks on the street… me getting to dress a bit more casual than the suit and tie-wearing city folk (“They’ll never get me back into a suit!” I screamed at my colleague as we were boarding the plane. “Never!!!” The stewardesses had to calm me with watered down whisky. “It’s too strong!!”)

Yes, and I did order a whisky at the bar during a recent happy hour with coworkers, proclaiming “I’m a whisky man now.” Not just any whisky, mind you… Jameson’s, my friend. Then my friend had to finish it for me. It was a very tall glass of whisky, even with the ice. What else am I cramming in before cresting the hill? More shows with the band. We played a fairly artsy little space in Cambridge last night, opening for a very avante garde jazz group — they probably thought we were cavemen, and the three of us have been a bit too busy to practice regularly, but I think it went well enough. Decent turnout and the crowd was super attentive… making us a bit more nervous than usual. I’m kicking myself because although I made one joke or two, I missed a good opening for a joke I had thought of earlier. One of my songs, King Phillip’s War, was introduced as an upbeat, light-hearted song, when really it’s about my dead uncle and what happened to the native americans. Not simultaneously, of course… just about both of those topics in sort of an intertwined storyline. So I should’ve said, “Well, the song’s actually about my late uncle. He’s not dead, he’s just always late for things.” Then after the polite laughter died down… “Ok, he is actually dead… and he is actually always really late for things.” Ok, maybe I did think through all of that and then used my better judgment to not make things weird. Anyway, we can leave stand-up comedy off the 39ing it list… 

We’ve got some new recordings at dramaqueens1.bandcamp.com and some newer, songs in the works at reverbnation.com/ericfriedman. Hoping to record more soon with our drummer and then assemble 6-8 songs into a CD or EP of sorts. We’ll make that available at the bandcamp site, and then maybe I’ll burn some CDs around Xmas time if you’re good. Good substitute for coal in your stocking? “Aw, it Eric’s CD… I would’ve preferred socks.” Stay tuned for the Better than Socks EP.

Ah, another 39ing it item: bonding with neighbors and negotiating collectively with contractors on driveway repairs!! Yep, the three of us at 1, 3 and 5 Lee Road all need our driveways dug up and re-done. So we called up companies, had them come out and give us their best prices. “But you’ll be doing three at once, so that’s gotta save you some costs. No? You tar-baron!!! Get off of our property! Can’t you see we’re all young professional suburbanites?? You don’t think we could do this ourselves? Jeremy, get your pick axe and level.” No, so at the same time we’re negotiating these prices I am in a music store and I spot and play this perfect, lightweight Martin acoustic guitar from the mid-1960s. A thing of beauty, plays so easily… and it sings. And I could have that for $300 less than what I’m going to pay for 250 sq. ft. of asphalt. That’s age 39 kicking you in the pants, no? Great guitar, but I’ll be going with the driveway, thank you.

Ah, so Isaac finished up preschool and is in a few weeks of camp before starting kindergarten. Syd is on her way to 2nd grade and loving summer camp. She’s just passed the one year mark with piano lessons, during which time the teacher has held no less than four piano recitals. Syd’s played in three of them, but she is still fighting tooth and nail when it comes time to practice. She lectured me this evening on how she really has never liked piano and she’s just doing it to try to make me and the teacher happy… but she really doesn’t like it. I told her to sleep on it. Bit torn here because I know that after a few years of my brother and I not really liking piano, it became something we deeply appreciate and could build upon for the rest of our lives. But Sydney keeps reminding me that she’s not like me and she’s a different person. Hard to argue that… where’d this kid learn to debate so well?? How do I know that if she sticks with it she’ll appreciate it one day? I’m 98% sure of that… 

Yep, it’s exhausting this 39 business. Hope your summers are all going well. Until next time…





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A modern-day combination of Noah, Godot and Clark W. Griswold.
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