beluga resurfaces

Is it the beluga whale that can sound for long periods of time before coming to the surface for air? Most whales? Anyway, feeling like a beluga after a multi-week illness that the whole family had but that seemed to linger with me the longest starting on Xmas day. Don’t put the “X” through the “Christ” in “Christmas”? I hear that. But that also reminds me of Woody Allen’s famous line, “If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.”

So it could be the antibiotics talking, but how in the *$^*#! are we in 2013 already? And did I really just turn 39? Getting sick for these events has really taken away the youthful optimism I would normally rely on to mentally conquer such setbacks. Getting sick and… actually getting old. At work today I saw that my coworker was wearing some SmartWool socks. I proudly announced that I had a few pairs as well and that they had lasted me since — wait for it — 1999 when I got them before joining the Peace Corps. My coworker was ten years old when I bought those socks. I’ve worn them for more than half his life. He pointed out that I should look forward to the time when my socks would actually be older than many of my coworkers. That’s just eight years away, folks. 

So the planning has already started for my 40th birthday bash. I’m picturing a major venue… Tom Brady will be there to greet everyone and help people park their cars. Current and former bandmates will be there and we’ll all jam a bit on stage, where actual roadies have already set up all the equipment and tuned the guitars. Then after people are starting to wish I’d stop singing or murdering chords on the banjo, Jeff Tweedy will save the evening with a surprise appearance and concert. You know… just a little gathering of my friends and favorite celebrities. Or… it could end up being me wishing my kids would behave a bit better in a restaurant. Either way, I’m easy. Just summiting the hill and beginning the inevitable decline… don’t worry about me.

Speaking of Jeff Tweedy, two high points during the past couple weeks of coughing and being sick were when we found a couple great clips on youtube — just search for Jeff Tweedy doing the weather for a hilarious 2-min spot on some Chicago TV station. And then his cover of some recent Black Eyed Peas hit — that “tonight’s gonna be a good night” song — is pretty great. He does an acoustic version that pretty well sums up the brilliance of both him and the Black Eyed Peas at the same time, i.e. yes and no. I’d provide the links here but it will really be just as fast for you to go to youtube and search for jeff tweedy and black eyed peas, or …and weather. But you won’t do that? Bah!! Here:

Speaking of brilliance and music, you might like a recent recording of a traditional song, Moonshiner, that I did with my bandmate and coworker last weekend. It’s the first song at I couldn’t help but record it a bit like the Dylan version I heard first, but the female vocals and harmonies and the addition of layered guitars, banjo and synth make it a bit unique, I think. Still reworking some recordings on my band’s “Single Pancake” EP… I can post a link to that again once we’ve updated more of the recordings on it.

Ah, so after the crazy holiday season we realized we hadn’t gotten the kids their flu shots yet. So that was a multi-day odyssey on Karen’s part of calling doctor’s offices and waiting in lines until the kids finally got their shots this morning. All the while we had my parents calling us with updates on the child death total due to the flu thus far this season. It was like a cheerleading of the sort you might find in the stands at the Roman Coliseum. No, they had only the kids’ wellbeing in mind. We just took a hit in the Parents of the Year contest for 2012… perhaps we have some time to regain some ground before the final votes are cast.

Anyway, hope you all had a better, healthier holidays than we had. And who knows, maybe you’re not 39 yet and you have more life ahead of you than behind you. That must be great. Just don’t waste all that time you have playing video games, or reading blogs. Get out there and do!! Hello? My readership had so little reason to keep paying attention here, and now there’s none. Well, it’s the least I could do. (Not a bad epitaph) Ok, sorry this is so morbid… let’s check back when the antibiotic cycle is done and the days are getting longer, no? 



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