High drama and comedy

Fellow thespians,

…and all the world a stage. Yes, yours truly doth exhibit the truth of the bard’s words of late, hathing performed on various stages in the Cambridge realm, first in a fledgling band of lute players called the Drama Queens, playing all of Asia at once in a bar so named. What? Write in plain American English, please? Oh you’re no fun (if I could quote Megamind here… still a Will Ferrell fan? It’s a weakness). No, so the first “warm-up” gig went fairly well and now we need to practice for an upcoming primetime Friday slot where they may just decide to take my musician’s license away for good. Or have it handed to them when I realize how much work it is to play out and play well. No, but it’s good to be making music again — not to mention making super hip/ironic flyers promoting the shows.

One of a series of municipal waste-themed flyers promoting the All Asia shows.

On another creative front, I finally wrapped up/salvaged a project started with great hope and ambition at the beginning of 2012… and that was an in-depth mockumentary on the office-chair basketball league we successfully started last year. This year it’s been more of a life-imitating-art-imitating (or irritating)-life conundrum… with the league’s second season really only existing as content for the film. And there was precious little of even that. Still, I think the 11-minute short film we ended up with will provoke a few chuckles — admittedly more for my coworkers, but hopefully some for the audience at Cannes, where I will be setting up free screenings in the parking lot. Here’s the link to the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yHs1RsZAJg. Be honest and cruel in your comments on the video. I can take it.

In more domestic news, Isaac turned four a few weeks ago and created one of the more memorable family moments with his reaction to his birthday cake. He had a Cars-themed cake last year and this year we thought we’d try something different — we’ve been reading Frog and Toad books at night and he seemed to like those so we got a very nicely done Frog and Toad cake. We didn’t run this by him first. So everyone sang happy birthday and I came out struggling to keep the candles lit, as per usual… idyllic little scene until Isaac sees what’s on the cake, shouts, “Noooo!!’ and proceeds to PUNCH his cake squarely in the middle. Everyone gasps. I’m staring in disbelief at a perfect little fist mark in the frosting. Karen takes him away to hang him by his toes in the broom closet (just kidding, we don’t torture our kids… they torture us)… and then as I’m trying to cut the cake and smooth over the events (“Ha haa… well then, who wants a piece with the fist mark?”) Isaac comes back and firmly plants three Lightning McQueen cars in the cake frosting. Amazingly people still ate their slices, probably fearing what Isaac might do to them if they didn’t smile and have a good time.

So yes, Karen and I are wondering every day how we came to have such strong-willed and competitive children. I’m looking around. I’m looking everywhere but in the mirror. No, seriously, it’s a bit shocking that after you spend 2-3 decades growing into fairly level-headed, easy going people you suddenly have your kids dragging you right back into the Lord of the Flies. Getting them to bed typically involves me getting more angry than I ever want to be just to get across the point that “it’s time for bed.” And then minutes later it’s all sweetness again as they are drifting off to sleep in a house you’ve provided for them, under blankets you’ve pulled over them. So that ultimately outweighs the “dark” moments, but still… unsettling to have to go through those trying moments pretty much every day. My coworkers are slowly getting terrified about having kids from listening to me share the struggles… but really, it’s got to be worth it, otherwise I think we’d all go extinct?

Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough. I hope summer is treating you well… the long days are lovely, each night you can spend without the AC humming is even nicer. Let’s hope the globe lets us all stick around for many more generations, no? (I’m legally required to insert some mention of the coming apocalypse into every post… apocalyft? It’s a branding thing.)



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