new chapter beginneth

Forging ahead here on the ole homestead as Karen starts a new job tomorrow  — a great move on so many levels. First, Isaac needs the cord cut in a major way. Understandably, Karen likes to baby the youngest little hellion… and he takes full advantage. But tomorrow the bandaid gets ripped off and he starts daycare at a strange YMCA, at least until a slot opens up at the local Y, which is where Karen will be working as the Director of Inclusion. 

Up until this point, the Foxboro Y has made a point of excluding folks with disabilities, funny hair or dark socks from their facilities, turning them away at the door and sometimes getting some nearby jocks to chant “NERDS” at them (I could be confusing this with a scene from an ’80s movie). My wife has been hired to turn this all around and work to include people with disabilities, unkempt hair and dress socks in the Y programming. Which works out really well for me. But seriously, it’s a great title and career move for Karen and it’s a 10-min. commute right down S. Main St. to Foxboro. Sydney’s signed up for after-care, which she’s excited about because some of her friends already do that (and they get to “just play,” as Sydney explains). Isaac will eventually be going to preschool right where Karen works, and at a major discount after Karen’s worked there for a bit. So I promptly, upon hearing the news, went right to the Audi dealership to start picking out my new car… I was turned away at the door due to the unkempt hair and mismatched socks. They have a strict, “argyle-only” policy apparently.

So it seems like there have been many chapters and phases here in Sharon and really since having kids made everything so complicated (oh, but such lovely complications they are… what? DSS is now subscribing to this feed? I see.), and tomorrow begins yet another, which should take us through until Isaac starts school with Sydney in 2013. Meanwhile my job is going swimmingly, although I’m finding it very difficult to continue work on my office-chair basketball documentary, thanks to actual work cropping up at all times. I’m debating whether or not to bring this problem up during my performance review later this month. I know the company wants us to be happy and enjoy a healthy balance of work and life. I see myself on the spearhead of that corporate goal… maybe even just slightly pushing the envelope. It sure felt that way when I was clinging to a low window ledge to film a scene in which the distraught commissioner is threatening to jump off a building to bring attention to the league’s dysfunction. The ploy fails of course because he’s only threatening to jump off of a very low point of the building. Ok, this scene has yet to be filmed… I haven’t even had time to find a low ledge.

I did get one of the songs for the movie’s soundtrack recorded, however, on the last day of the long weekend a couple weeks back. The song is not quite done, still needing some tracks added after the verses, but you can hear how much my coworker, Caroline, added to “Devil Song (acoustic)” at Hoping to add one more guitar track and then a clarinet part as well to finish that one. It should provide a very melancholic ending and a bit of gravitas to a film that will otherwise be so full of levity that people might not take it seriously. This way, with this song at the end, people will feel compelled to rethink everything they’ve just seen and wonder, “Was this, in fact, a work of genius?” I’m pretty sure they’ll still arrive at the answer of “no” to that question, but my goal is to create a flicker of uncertainty in that answer, at any point in the film. Which by the way was the same exact motivation and hope of the young Scorsese when he was making Taxi Driver.

The Brooklyn Explorer’s Club was indeed largely reunited a couple weekends ago as well. I ventured into Manhattan just once when I made a wrong turn on the BQE and went over the Williamsburg bridge by mistake. That turned into a 25-min. detour thanks to traffic and not being able to turn around coming off that bridge for many blocks. But who needs Manhattan with all that Brooklyn has to offer? Which was the exact sentiment of one member who joined us late after subway trouble delayed his arrival and then after he insisted on “finding his way” to us without the aid of a cellphone GPS. Yes, we all saw a LOT of Brooklyn that weekend, including when Acidic Juice booked some practice space in Greenpoint thinking that was near Fort Greene. Similar name, not location. But we ate like kings at a great Italian restaurant I highly recommend ( and a gourmet donut place called Dough. Talk about donuts. Those made Dunkin Donuts look like Necco wafers.

Okay, gotta hit the sack, as they say, what with a big day tomorrow for everyone else at least in the family. Hope you’re all doing well, turning through chapters of your own, or perhaps just falling asleep in the middle of one. That’s fine too, I believe.


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