Summer whirlwind

Fellow time chasers,

Has the summer already come and gone? Whirling in like a tornado, ripping through the pages of the calendar like a wildfire and rounding us all up like a hurricane and sending us back to work and school wondering what just happened? This is why I never invest in a bathing suit and more than one pair of shorts. By the time I’ve worked up the mental fortitude required to go in the water or bare my white legs and dark socks, it’s September and I’m already looking longingly at my cordouroys.

Seems like — it was, in fact — just a couple months ago I was installing the window unit air conditioners in a few rooms. Seems like just weeks ago we were discussing the cost of a season parking pass at the town lake. We got that, and the kids enjoyed one final day on the glorious and expansive white sands of the Sharon Memorial beach… while I snacked on chips and eventually removed my socks and shoes to stand in the water and yell, “Cold… oo, it’s cold!” to the bunch of confused toddlers around me. Yep, it’s quite a role model that Syd and Isaac have to live up to… later I proclaimed I was off to establish Muscle Beach East, and I proceeded to make a show of doing some curls with a half-filled liter bottle of seltzer. “That’s right, ladies, lime flavored.” The family left without me.

So Sydney started kindergarten last week and loved it. But they started with a one-hour meeting of the teacher last Wednesday and then had one full-day on Thursday before a 4-day weekend for Labor Day.

Sydney on her first day of kindergarten.

That didn’t work so well because Sydney was so excited about liking her first full day of school and then she had to wait four days to go back. So this morning she was nervous again, also she was thrown off because it was raining and the girl down the street that she was going to walk to school with was driving instead of walking. So Karen said the dropoff and pickup did not go so well, but she still liked her actual school day… very cute when she was telling us about gym class and how they each have a spot to go to at the start of class, she realized she didn’t quite remember where her spot was and started to tear up… ah, it’s a precious age when all your problems can be solved by a sensible adult. Compared to people our age who realize that sensible adults are looking to be fewer and farther between — and even if we could round up a few of them, would they be able to solve any of the world’s problems? Is this thing on?

We did our best impression of the Griswolds again this summer, driving to Chicago and back, missing the earthquake that hit the east coast but getting back just in time for Irene, which was a tropical storm by the time it hit MA. Nothing too bad here, just some downed tree branches. There’s also one big branch of our neighbor’s tree broken but hanging on precariously over part of our white PVC fence (pickets have long since been replaced by petroleum-based plastic in the current version of the American dream). So that’s just an accident waiting to happen… the fence repair unit (me and Karen) is stocking up on white duct tape. The garden is a bit neglected again this year, as the kids were a big no-show in the weeding department… surprise, surprise. The asparagus patch went rogue and sprouted these weird tree like plants with berries. All of the squash, zuccini and pumpkins disappeared, I think devoured by birds? We got radishes early on, and we’ve had a decent number of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, and a few eggplants and regular tomatoes. But overall a meager yield. Our scarecrow is clearly underperforming — he’s been given a pink slip, adding to the country’s unemployment woes.

Yes, everyone’s saying it’s looking bleak for Obama. I’m hoping people realize America’s problems were decades in the making and it’s a bit unrealistic to think that a seemingly sensible adult can turn it around in 3 years. Classic political problem though of not having time for real solutions. The cost of that impatience might be the global economy though? I’m just glad I’m doing my small part in helping to run a demonstration program for a proposed policy change by the Social Security Administration, which after six more years and maybe another $80 million should clearly show if the proposed change will save money or not. Ba-haaaaa!!! That wasn’t a joke. That’s roughly the shape of it. Now I guess it could cost SSA many more millions or billions to just go ahead and make the the policy change and find out it was the wrong decision… so maybe this is a more prudent path. I’m just not used to the scale of federal government projects I guess.

Anyway, getting a bit late, so I’ll try my hand at inserting some pictures into this post and then call it a night. Hope your summers went well and you avoided the natural disasters that are becoming more common, not due to anything the human race has done, of course, just due to the natural cycle of events… the natural rise and fall of a species… what? Well, it’s in my contract to work apocalyptic messages into these posts. But in a cheerful way, no? Until next time, I’m yours in a storm shelter.


Enjoying a carousel at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA (Yes, I did make a joke on that trip about looking for the statue of a sandwich.)


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