people are people too

Fellow humans,

Well, summer draws unofficially to a close here as the kids start school tomorrow… I’m still having flashbacks to Syd’s back-to-school shopping trip to a tween store called Justice. Bubble gum pop videos piped onto flat screens, lots of glitter and hearts everywhere you looked… and not a place to lean much less sit down save for a long flat display of girl’s underwear from which I decided I should keep an appropriate distance. Continue reading

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Summer sweet and sunburned feet over here in southeastern MA, taking a couple days off before our nation’s independence day, when we celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of 15 other countries who can play soccer better than we can… Continue reading

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sacre bleu

What’s the old Seinfeld line about lactose… he’s intolerant of it and will not stand for it? I may finally be sharing his conviction on that one. Yes, I stand here a bit wobbly in the knee, a survivor of an incident eerily similar to my ill-fated encounter with Johnny Rockets so many years back — some of you may still remember my cries of pain stuck in traffic on the Queensboro bridge, the wild-eyed rush through a fancy Italian restaurant to the “powder room” and later the loud assertions of what sort of “rockets” the restaurant chain title portended…
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Sharon SportsNuts Blog – Townsend 40th

Presented at a recent friend and neighbor’s 40th birthday dinner, an homage to our heroes on Sharon’s community television…

Sharon SportsNuts Blog, Jan. 2nd, 2014, 7:33pm — As signups begin for the new Ultimate Frisbee League sponsored by the Community Education Program, rumors are swirling about a potential steamroller of a team fielded by Sharon Heights. Word at Charlie’s Deli is that the local college and quasi-pro legend, Matthew Townsend, will don the disc this winter along with all-playground defensive specialist and intimidator, Eric Friedman of Lee Road fame… he of the house with the broken fence mended with white duct tape facing South Main. Friedman’s unorthodoxy aside, the addition of Townsend to the Heights squad is sure to rattle all would-be opponents, especially those of us still in middle school. This reporter will try to get Townsend on an upcoming show.

Sharon SportsNuts Blog, Jan. 10th, 2014, 6:08am — The buzz around Sharon Ultimate Frisbee is intensifying. Townsend has proved elusive. I didn’t know a Prius could accelerate so quickly, though I was hampered by a microphone cord plugged into a camera and Sharon Cable Access cameraman Mook Dempsey is none too quick these days what with the dual hip replacement surgery — a rare medical procedure where one hip is replaced with the other, much like how you might rotate the tires on your car. I told Mook to stop seeking medical treatment at Jiffy Lube, but some people stick with what they know.

Sharon SportsNuts Blog, Jan. 22nd, 2014, 5:02pm — Townsend has agreed to a sit down interview on tomorrow’s show! I can’t wait to ask about the 2002 Ivy League Frisbee-for-all in New Haven, when grown men in sweaters were made to weep before an historic display of accuracy and athleticism. I have questions coming out of my ears, but my parents are making me finish my dinner first. I hate fish.

Sharon SportsNuts Blog, Jan. 22nd, 2014, 6:33pm — I can’t believe this. My world is ending. I just received a letter from the Sharon Community Education Program informing me that the Ultimate Frisbee league is cancelled this season due to a lack of interest. I thought I felt a disturbance after dinner… like a thousand voices cried out at once… ok, like three voices. I wonder if Townsend will still do the show tomorrow.

Sharon SportsNuts Blog, Jan. 23rd, 2014, 9:40pm — So I got to meet Matt Townsend on the SportsNuts program tonight — Tuesdays at 7, Sharon Community Television. He was so much taller in person, but I guess I’m used to watching college highlights and he’s only like one inch big on the screen. We railed against Sharon Community Education for a while, but then we decided to blame my friends. I thought I convinced them at lunch a couple weeks ago to sign up but then they probably all decided they’d rather play Minecraft instead. Anyway, Matt was really cool although he seemed a bit nervous to be on television, which then caused me to get nervous and I had a sneezing fit that sort of took me out of the conversation for the second half of the show. It was like that time Tony put pepper on my microphone. But so then Matt talked to Mook about his hips and signed him up for some new pharmaceutical trial at his company which might ease his discomfort, although possible side effects include tremors, lack of focus and spontaneous belching. Bad news for a cameraman, I told him.

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Abt-Cambridge Strong

The wind was howling today – disturbing crashes were disrupting the work of yours truly and nextdoor-office-neighbor Judy Geyer. We checked with Amy downstairs, but she was oblivious to all external noises. But there it was again: BANG! THUD! Kerchunk!

It might have been the anniversary of the Boston marathon bombing and Mary Maguire’s related words of encouragement this morning… or it could have been something already present deep within their souls. But a few brave Abt-Cambridge employees donned their spring jackets and made their way into the breach. Two barn-sized doors were unsecured in the breezeway below the hallway of whatever this portion of the building is called! Debris was everywhere, although mostly on the ground. Friedman lifted a cinderblock that must have been twice his own weight out of the way of the slamming doors. Epstein picked up a piece of wood in a fearless manner, having no time this afternoon for splinters. RJ looked fearfully at the wind-tossed rain. But in a rare exhibit of all five (six?) of Abt’s core values at once, they managed to “batten down the hatches” as it were – and the doors would slam no more.


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bike-powered smoothies

We had a “green bag” lunch presentation last week by Bikes not Bombs (an organization which, I assume, promotes the dropping of old bikes from the sky onto developing countries… some lonely shepherd is looking up and saying, “Seriously? I’d prefer the bomb already.”) which centered around an old bicycle turned into a blender. I got to ride the bike turning the big wheel which turned the small gear which turned the blades of the blender, making a smoothie and giving me some ideas for some summer projects. Continue reading

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lamination festival

Would be worth it just to watch all the walk-ins who misheard what was going on. “The future of lamination is now!” Lot of strobes and space-age ethereal music, people in full-body plastic suits… guy hawking a pocket laminator. I haven’t thought this joke through. Continue reading

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